Arsenal Roof Garden

Designed for NYC Parks Department.

The Arsenal serves as the headquarters for NYC’s Parks Department.  It’s also one of Central Park’s historically significant structures.  When a roof reconstruction became necessary, we had a great opportunity to design and install a new roof garden.

Working with the building’s situation and the many employees who use the space, we created a design that allows for events as well as more secluded spaces for employees to retreat.  We also installed low-maintenance green roofs in less-accessible areas.  Thanks to great maintenance and dedicated volunteer work, the roof looks better than ever after six years.


South roof from an upper tower.  The surrounding treetops of Central Park made a great backdrop for this roof garden.


We added custom trellises and pergolas to bring the greenery vertical.


View of the roof garden from an office at the Arsenal.


Roof garden with Manhattan skyline.



Plants were selected based on hardiness and year-round seasonal interest, but also to study the plants’ success rate in this unique environment.


The planter boxes were primarily filled with Gaia Soil.






  • Location: New York, NY
  • Status: Completed 2008
  • Budget: $800k
View of the roof garden from an office at the Arsenal.