Harlem River Park – Each One Teach One

Designed for NYC Parks Department.

The basketball and handball courts within Harlem River Park are known locally as Each One Teach One, referencing the long tradition of community involvement and youth programs here.

When we started the design, the park was still fairly well-used despite being run down, but drug dealers had moved into certain areas, making the park unsafe.  The site also had physical challenges: it was surrounded by high-traffic roadways, had very little lighting, and no water.

We worked with the community to completely overhaul the park, with all-new courts in a more optimal arrangement.  We were able to include one professional-sized basketball court for tournaments, along with other basketball and handball courts.  We also brought in complete sports lighting and all necessary utilities, including water to support the new plantings.  Since opening, the park has seen a surge of use, and the drug dealers have not returned!














  • Location: Harlem, NY
  • Status: Completed 2006
  • Budget: $1.8m
basketball plan