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Meishan California Smart Town

Located near Chengdu, China, part of what makes this city exceptional is that each part of the town is specifically designed to incorporate the most advanced technology available. Since most cities have limited access to this tech and can only gradually update their condition, the Smart Town is unprecedented because it is fully efficient and modernized immediately upon completion. By integrating the best design and technology, we are creating an amazing standard of living for the 50,000 residents anticipated to live in the town. It is expected to be a groundbreaking example of the potential for smart cities. Working with AECOM as a design consultant, Chinese government officials, and investors, we have produced a plan for this groundbreaking city that will serve as an example for smart cities all over the world.


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  • Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
  • Status: Currently in progress
  • Budget: Over $1bil