One of the proposed garden settings.
Entrance Area

Queens Hotel Complex

Like many New York City sites, this project came with unique challenges.  We had to link two separate hotels sharing a single, compact site with a design that fit the two buildings’ renovation in a contemporary style – while updating everything to current code.  This required us to fit in lots of parking alongside circulation for delivery trucks, passenger shuttles, pedestrians, and ADA access.  All these elements had to be set into a site with over 16 feet of vertical drop between the two structures.

Our solution provided an attractive setting for the renovated hotel buildings.  In addition to the functional requirements, our design included a waterfall and pond, several outdoor sitting areas, and a detailed planting plan.

  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Status: Completed 2017
  • Budget: $1.5m (sitework only)
  • One of the proposed garden settings.
  • A garden proposal top view.
  • Fountain and seating area.
  • Garden detail.
  • Loading Dock.
hotel layout